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Our planet is very important to us, thats why our products are not made from from toxic chemicals and ingredients 


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We needed a short term cleaning contract for a new care home during commissioning. The team were very professional and completed the contract to a very high standard. 

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If your company is looking to do an extra thorough clean just to be on the safe side and make sure your office surfaces are coronavirus-free, please contact us on 01923 330 116

If you are concerned with keeping everyone in your office safe from the coronavirus, there is good news.

Even though there is no known cure once infected, the virus is remarkably easy to kill outside the human body.

That includes human hands, and also commonly touched office surfaces like doorknobs, buttons, handles, desks, chairs, tables, staplers. . .and so many more, where the virus is likely to be residing if an infected individual has been in the office.

Commercial cleaning services are able to easily and effectively kill  the coronavirus using common cleaning products.

Can coronavirus survive on surfaces?

Yes, but most viruses do not remain active outside the human body for more than 12 hours.

And it is very easy to kill coronavirus on surfaces using soap, alcohol, or chlorine.

Is it safe to open packages from areas with known COVID-19 infections?

According to the WHO, the risk of being infected from a package is very low.

The chance that a package would be contaminated in the first place is extremely low, and when you add on the fact that it has been moved, traveled, and exposed to various temperatures and conditions, the odds of being infected are incredibly small.

Best Ways to Practice Coronavirus Office Safety

Recommendations from the CDC:

  • Clean Your Hands at the Door and Wash Your Hands Regularly

  • Use Alternative Greeting Methods to Handshaking

  • Increase Office Ventilation by Opening Windows or Adjusting Air Conditioning

  • Regularly Disinfect Surfaces like Handrails, Tables, Desks, and Doorknobs

For more information on COVID-19 Please visit

Performance, Integrity and Excellence

Providing extraordinary levels of cleanliness and superior service

With years of experience in the commercial cleaning arena, we provide cleaning services and sanitation to offices, hospitals, hotels, resorts, spas, restaurants, and commercial facilities.

We offer a full range of personalized and fully assured cleaning services, to meet all your personal needs.


You don’t have to worry about a thing!

We Take Responsibility and we are Dedicated to all services provided are at fair and competitive pricing, ensuring that our customers are ecstatic, receiving incredible value, and reaping the profits of doing business with us.


 We offer a tailored service to meet any need including regular weekly cleans, spring cleaning, holiday let cleaning, end of tenancy cleans and more. 


At consultation, a CASA MAID professional will spend time with you in your space inspecting each room that requires cleaning. Your specific needs will be detailed with specific attention paid to any areas of concern. 

area of coverage

We are proud to provide commercial cleaning services to a number of national business, servicing a number of their outlets in the Hertfordshire area of the country. You can find out more about our contract cleaning services here

customer gurantee

At CASA MAID, we have so much faith in the quality of our work we have guaranteed it. Read our official customer guarantee below: We treat all our customers as individuals. We do not have set prices, because every business is different. 

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